digital comms
these are my digital art commissions!

these are my "your character here" commissions!

irl comms
these are my physical art commissions, such as paintings and plushies!

terms of service
these are my terms of service! please read if you're going to commission me, it also has my contact info <3

Headshot/Bust/ Icon
Sketch/Lineart: 4 USD, 400 DA points
Colors: 5 USD, 500 DA points

Sketch/Lineart: 7 USD, 700 DA points
Colors: 8 USD, 800 DA points

Sketch/Lineart: 11 USD, 1100 DA points
Colors: 12 USD, 1200 DA points

Sketch/Lineart: 3 USD, 300 DA points
Colors: 4 USD, 400 DA points

Animated Gif
Simple Animation (Lineart): 6 USD (600 DA)
Simple Animation (Colors): 8 USD (800 DA)
Complex Animation (Lineart): 12 USD (1200 DA)
Complex Animation (Colors): 14 USD (1400 DA)
+ Complexity Fee of 2 USD/200 Points for Complex Designs

customs are based on ref sheet prices, as i will be making a ref sheet for your custom. pick a ref sheet price and fill out the custom form below!

one full bodycolor palette included

two full bodiesfront and back imagesOR two outfit imagescolor palette included

payment method
ref sheet style
outfit (if applicable):
moodboard (if desired):
any other design notes?

Tail Waggin' YCH!
Base Price: 7 USD
Change in Hands: +1 USD
Complexity: +2 USD

On Canvas, Acrylic Paintings: 20 USD + Shipping

Plushies coming soon!

General Information

I have the right to decline any commission.
You can reach me on discord! My discord is taurus#0017.
I WILL DRAW: furries, humanoids, anthros, closed species, ship art
I WILL NOT DRAW: NSFW, hate themes, complex backgrounds, mecha

Payment Information

All commissions must be paid in full up front, unless there is a payment plan in place.
USD is what I accept.
Payments can be made through Paypal or, if decided upon, the Apple App Store/Steam/Etsy/DA points. In certain cases, I will accept ARPG/closed species currency if advertised.

Processing Information

Customers will be periodically updated on Works In Progress due to length of commission time.
Customers are allowed to ask for updates on their own accord.
Time for commissions can range, with notification, due to health, school, work, or emergencies.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are allowed to ask for any adjustments in reason without any extra charge during the time of commission.
If customers request a large change, there may be a slight change in fee. Nothing ridiculous, I promise.
Customers are not allowed to make extreme changes after the work is finished. Please let me do that for you. I am happy to make whatever changes necessary.
Customers are not allowed to remove the watermark from the image; that is copyright infringement.

Copyright Policies

I, the artist, hold all rights.
Therefore, I am allowed to:
-publish/post the art
-use the art to promote myself
-display the art where I would like
The commissioner is allowed to:
-use the art for personal use unless agreed otherwise
-post the art with credit
-print the art
-claim rights to the character, not the art

Refund Policies

As I have the right to cancel a commission at any time, you will get a full refund if this happens.
If no money has been sent in 48 hours after the commission has been set up without notice, I have the right to cancel the commission.

After-Purchase Policies

Characters can be regifted, traded. or resold. Characters cannot be resold at a higher price than they were bought at unless additional art has been added.

You cannot sell freebies. You cannot sell traded characters. You can regift freebies. You can regift and retrade the traded characters. This applies unless additional art has been commissioned to add onto the value, then it can be resold.

I also ask you do not get rid of my original design/delete my artwork from your character's gallery. Thank you!